Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Beater World BiMonthly Update

One of these days I'll actually edit this daily. Really. Pinky swear!

The fleet of beaters here at Occupant Ilied Industries, a wholly owned subsdiary of Amyco, has dwindled to three recently. The giant Suburban is gone. The Buick wagon is gone. The Taurus is gone. The Torino, on the other hand, has spawned a parts car. I picked up a wagon with the same motor, transmission, axle, brakes, and basic equipment as my sedan. The interior isn't the same color, but Ford blue has good coverage and I'll dye the seats and armrest and other goodies. Wanna see pics? Of course you do...

That's the wagon, it has a nicer grille, rocker moldings, bodyside narrow moldings with vinyl inserts, rub strips for my bumper guards, some interior bits, great brake bits for swapping, and lots of wagon/Ranchero specific bits to resell. And the fenders are PERFECT so I'll get those swapped when I'm ready to paint the sedan.

That's the sedan, it's not gorgeous, it's not a Sport, it's not even a 2-door. But it's exactly what I want less the Silver Blue Glow paint.

Anyhow, I'm as always on the lookout for good beaters and I get to tour the country driving OTR for the next two months. If I see anything I can tuck in my back pocket I'll pick it up. Otherwise, it'll be another couple of months before I post, as I don't own a laptop and I am NOT flying to pick my truck up with a desktop and LCD in my duffel bag. Maybe if I get frugal with my per diems I'll be able to pick up a netbook somewhere along the way and stay connected. Wish me luck. And please, don't spend a bazillion dollars on your next car. That's what I'm about. Save your money for the repairs. Even a new car runs out of warranty eventually.

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